Hey buddy,

Let me put it in this way, ‘I can feel your pain bro…’

I know how tough it is to manage Engineering-Life.

It includes lots of commitment; after all, it’s our duty towards the Hindi-Film industry to watch every new-release on friday nights. (If we don’t, who else will do?)

After eating the same mess-food (or messed up food) all the week, I know how vital it is to go out for dinner every Sunday night, to feel there is a human being alive inside us. (It is recommended by doctors too).

If there is a monsoon sale running on, oh come-on! we deserve that little happiness. Exams come twice a year but the sale comes only once. It’s okay to spend few bucks from our savings there.

Hostel life is not that bad, still for our parents; we have to visit home twice a semester. And how a soon-to-be-engineer can go by train, “huh log kya kahenge…” unwillingly we have to take a flight.

After all these things, if you also have a girlfriend, …………… (Carry yourself bro, don’t cry…)

So after spending money on all the basic expenditures of Engineering-Life, it is too much to spend money in Engineering-Books too.

We can’t afford to buy each and every book mentioned in our gigantic syllabus, hence download them for free here.

It’s a website for all the Jugaadu Engineers of our country (or any country) to download engineering books.

Dude, before going a small request, after passing your examination, be a good senior and upload books which we don’t have in our database and help your juniors…

All the best for your exams…

Jugaadu Engineer

Content written by – www.arpitagrawal.com

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Meet Fatso, a chubby and gruesome Engineer, whose half the time spends in eating and the other in wrestling the troubles of life.

He tried suicide, but could not die; proposed a girl, but no luck; created revolutionary software, but deceived by his boss; won a lottery, but got cheated again!!!

Will his life become better, or he will give up the ghost saying ‘Dear life, get well soon’?

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